How To Use GARLIC CLOVES? To Desire


Do you know that? Garlic belongs to the lily family which is also referred as “the stinking rose”. Garlic has been used for medicinal and health purposes for a long period of time. Mostly, it is used as spice in foods but people are not aware of the fact that how much advantageous it is for their health and maintaining the immune system.Garlic has allicin in it which kills bacteria, virus, fungus and because of other properties, it is very beneficial for health. It is also enriched with vitamin and other nutrients such as B1, B6 and vitamin C, manganese, copper, calcium and selenium.

Garlic a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away

If you take one or two garlic cloves in the morning without eating anything, boost your immune system and your stomach can work properly and you will feel freshness all day long. It is best to take raw garlic as when it is cooked or fried, it loses its nutrients. It is very difficult for some of the people to take raw garlic because of its stinking smell and undelighted taste. So you can take it with milk or even you can take it with lemon juice which is good for skin too. Eating it on an empty stomach can make the results better. Here are some of the ways you must know to live a healthy life:

  1. Garlic is very good for healthy heart as it helps in flow of blood, controls cholesterol level which ultimately helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases. It also blocks arteries to become thickened which cause heart attacks and severe heart problems. Take one or two garlic cloves to make heart healthy enough to bear the risks.
  2. It is very helpful for the patients of high blood pressure or suffering from hypertension. It lowers the blood pressure and works as a vasodilator, widen blood flow in a proper way. People suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension should consume few of the garlic cloves on empty stomach in order to maintain their blood pressure issues.
  3. It reduces joint pain because it is an antioxidant agent and hasanti-inflammatory properties which help in bringing down the swelling and joints aching. Therefore, use enough amount of garlic in order to decrease the chances of pain.
  4. It has lots of vitamins and other nutrients which boost your immune system.
  5. It is best cure for cough and cold as it is antibacterial and works against viruses.
  6. It is good for treating breathing problems like asthma and bronchitis.
  7. It battles against fungal infections such as athlete’s’ foot and jock itch. As a part of diet, eat fresh raw garlic.
  8. It combats allergies and helps the body to fight against itching and rashes.
  9. It also helps in toothache, just put a garlic clove under the affected mouth area, after some time the pain will be gone.
  10. Also aids digestion.
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How To Use GARLIC CLOVES? To Desire
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